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Food Pantry Members

We offer a food pantry membership for S5 residents who are experiencing financial hardship. Here's some feedback from some members and emergency shoppers. It's amazing to hear how the food pantry helps out our local community:

The food pantry has been “very beneficial. I was living on beans on toast, I now have a variety of food that I can eat. I can get my basic supplies from the food pantry, which saves me a lot of money as I only have a low income.”

"The food pantry really helps support and it especially helps that I can get nappies.”

The food pantry has “helped me out a lot really. I can now get enough shopping for a week. Staff and volunteers are very friendly and welcoming.”

"The food pantry has helped out with food, especially when kids are on school holidays as they constantly ask for food.”

The food pantry has “helped me out a lot as I’m able to eat, especially when my son stays over, as he eats me out of house and home”.

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