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This Girl Can Case Study

Longley 4 Greens received some funding from This Girl Can to deliver fitness sessions and encourage being active in our local community. We also have a Facebook group for local women wanting to encourage each other to be fit and active. You can join the group here. Have a read to see how this individual got involved:

S was referred through her GP through to a Wellbeing Coach at SOAR, as she suffered with anxiety and social isolation. She was initially supported by a Wellbeing Coach on a 1-1 basis.

After this 1-1 support finished and S felt confident, she came to the Pilates and chair-based exercise classes at Longley 4 Greens. S felt she still needed group support to continue overcoming her anxiety, and having a structured routine really helped with her mindset and confidence in meeting new people.

S has made fantastic progress since her first meeting in building her confidence and resilience. From needing assistance due to her anxiety, to then venturing in by herself and assisting new members of the group, her confidence has grown through meeting new people. Positively, her energy levels have also increased and S is now attending various activities at different venues!

S is continuing to attend other groups and has become an active volunteer at Longley 4 Greens.

"Now the activities have come to an end what will I do with my Tuesdays and Thursdays? I have really enjoyed attending the sessions!"

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